At the beginning of December, after a particularly hard morning in the gym & afternoon in the garden, I unfortunately caused some damage to my back.

By day 10, the pain in my very lower back was excrutiating and was really starting to affect my sleep, driving, mobility & general everyday life.  Prescription painkillers from my GP were of no use & I did not know which way to turn until a friend at the gym recommended the magical treatment on offer from the Medical Health Clinic in Margate.

Before making my initial appointment, I contacted my mother in law (in her 70th year of life) who was unfortunately diagnosed with Osteoporosis approximately 18 months ago.  I was aware that she had been suffering from a tremendous feeling of pressure in her back as well as very bad mid-upper back pain during all of this period.  We decided to go to see Meththa together at the Medical Health Clinic & made our initial consultation for the morning of 13th December 2011.

The treatments that we enjoyed consisted of physiotherapy to start with, ultrasound, then a hot wrap followed by 20 minutes of Acupuncture.  All absolute heaven for those with chronic back pain!

I had 4 visits in total.  By Christmas Day I was pain free.  My mother in law had 5 visits in total & her quality of life has returned 100-fold.  She is once more sleeping throught the night & then waking up in the morning thinking of how to fill the day ahead  - instead of wondering how to get through it agony.  She is also reassured that if her pain returns at any time in the future she now has somewhere to turn & full trust in Meththa & the treatment she received.  Indeed, neither of us could imagine going anywhere else.

We have both thanked my friend John from the gym many times - as we feel certain that without his recommendation we would both have been suffering throughout the festive period & well beyond.

It has been a pleasure for us to have known Meththa & his lovely wife.

Rachel from Canterbury

I’m now 58 years old and have been a keen sportsman most of my life, but unfortunately as the years have ticked by I’ve picked up more and more injuries.  I have badly injured my ankle (playing football), calf (playing tennis)  and back (pushing weights too hard) , however, with the re-assurance of knowing Meta could always sort out my injuries I have had the confidence to continue pushing myself, albeit there have been times recently when I wish I hadn’t pushed quite so hard !!

I have been a patient of Meta’s since 1987 (some of you may recall when Meta worked out of Mill Lane House) and I have always found him to be highly professional, re-assuring, really friendly, but above all, I have a real faith in this man’s ability to make good my injuries.

Based on my treatments I could not recommend Meta highly enough and wish him continued success and lastly it would not be fair if I didn’t mention Meta’s charming wife who is as sweet and gentle a person as you will ever come across.

Gordon from Broadstairs-

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